Winnetka Waterfront 2030 Plan

In conjunction with residents and lakefront experts, the Winnetka Park District developed and adopted the Winnetka Waterfront 2030 plan in 2016. This plan is meant to serve as a conceptual guide for future projects that preserve and enhance our five beaches. Click here to read the full plan.

In 2018, consultants, the park board, and staff took the concepts outlined in the Waterfront 2030 plan and developed a definitive implementation strategy for each beach. The implementation strategies utilize a tiered approach that allows projects to be executed in smaller and more feasible increments, while still building towards the overall vision outlined in the Waterfront 2030 plan.

Two open houses were held and an online survey was deployed in March of 2019 to communicate the implementation strategy and give residents the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. Click here to view the results of the open house and online survey.

Current Projects

In the tiered approach of the implementation strategies, the first and most crucial projects to tackle include bluff restoration at all five beaches and shoreline protection at Lloyd Beach. These measures were prioritized as necessary in preserving our lakefront properties and will lay the foundation for any future potential improvements outlined in the Waterfront 2030 plan.

Bluff Improvements

Bluff Restoration: restoring the bluff across all five beaches to stabilize against erosion, revive the natural ecosystem, enhance the appearance, and create natural vistas to the lake.

Tower Road Beach Access: replacing access stairs from the upper parking lot to the beach, installing a new platform overlook, and improving the entry plaza.

Retaining Walls: repairing the existing retaining wall along the access road at Lloyd Beach and the gabion wall along the toe of the bluff at Maple Street Beach.

For detailed information on these improvements, click here.


Winter 2017: Trim overgrown areas of the bluff and begin removing invasive vegetation (complete)

June through October 2019*: Design, engineering, and permitting (in process)

November 2019 through 2020*: Construction

Shoreline Stabilization at Lloyd

New breakwater system: a new breakwater system will be installed to reduce wave action near the shoreline, reduce bluff erosion, and make the beach safer for patrons. The new system will also hold sand more effectively, maintaining a usable beach during high and low lake levels.

Steel seawall: a new steel seawall will be installed along the south and north end of the beach to further protect the bluff from erosion.

Other improvements: new queuing space at the boat launch, reviewing the stormwater discharge system, and adding new ADA beach access ramps.

For detailed information on these improvements, click here.


June/July 2019: Engineering and coastal design drawings (in process)

August 2019*: Submit permit (adding any structures to the shoreline requires an extensive permitting process by several governing authorities; the permitting process is very rigorous and can take six to 18 months)

Winter 2021*: Permit approval

Spring through Winter 2021*: Construction

*All dates are estimated and may change.

Beach/Park Master Plans

Tower Road Beach & Park

Click here to view the master plan.

Lloyd Beach & Park

Click here to view the master plan.

Maple Street Beach & Park

Click here to view the master plan.

Elder Lane / Centennial Beach & Park

Click here to view the master plan.


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