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About the Program

The Winnetka Ice Arena offers ice skating lessons through ISI (Ice Sports Industry). ISI Skating Programs were developed in 1959, ISI has introduced over 10 million skaters to the wonderful world of ice skating through its programs. The ISI Ice Skating Program is all-inclusive — encouraging individuals of all ages and skill levels to skate “for the fun of it!”

It is based on consistent and well-define levels of achievement that have proven to guide a skater from basic beginner maneuvers through significantly more advanced and even competitive skill sets.
It has literally taught millions of people how to skate + skate well. Many of the most accomplished skaters in the United States began in this program and have gone on to achieve some of the world’s highest titles. ISI believes in “participation, not elimination,” offering events and competitions for those desiring to compete in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

The ISI is a full-service membership trade organization servicing rink owners, operators, coaches and skaters!

  • Encourages individuals to skate for FUN and enjoyment

  • Supports success by offering easily attainable testing levels for all ages + abilities

  • Offers opportunities for skaters to participate in exhibitions, shows, and in local and district competitions in many different event categories

  • Offers opportunities for participation in at least five national / international ISI competitions each year in various locations across the USA which are open to all ISI members worldwide 

Test patches provide a tangible reward and recognition of skater achievement for each test level. Patches can be purchased by ISI members once all the skills in a level have been mastered for $5 per patch. These patches are available from the skating director. Previously achieved level patches may be purchased for $3 per patch.

Skaters must be an ISI member to purchase patches.

ISI individual membership is for skaters of all ages and abilities, from beginning to recreational to competitive levels. ISI is for anyone who loves ice skating!

Membership benefits include:

  • Personalized membership card
  • Reward patches
  • Recreational Ice Skating print/online magazine subscription
  • Excess accident insurance coverage
  • Chance to compete in local, district, national, and international ISI competitions
  • Test registration through ISI national office
  • Register for two or more classes per student, per session, and receive a ten percent discount.*

  • Families registering three or more children per session receive a five percent discount.*

  • Students registered in classes are given pre-registration privileges for subsequent sessions until online registration begins.

* Discounts valid with mail-in or in-person registration only. Discount does not include registration for the Winnetka Skating Club.

Tots 1 – 3 (ages 3 – 5)

A child who can walk well can be taught to ice skate. Very young children usually learn better in a group class environment. These classes are designed for beginning skaters ages three to five years old. Class maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so they can be more easily learned. Instruction is given with a focus of having “fun” on the ice.

Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta (ages 6+)

These basic skill levels are for skaters ages six and up. This step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun while improving the skater’s confidence on ice. The mastery of these basic skills is required before moving on to higher levels of achievement, and it can take more than one semester to pass each class level. Upon completion of these levels, skaters can advance to more specialized skating areas.

Freestyle 1 – 6 (ages 6+)

Once a skater has mastered the basic skills, skaters can begin freestyle level classes. Each level is comprised of a variety of advanced skating skills, transitions, spins, and jumps that build on the previous skills. These levels are taught in a positive and interactive group format. Instructors will focus on quality and mastery of skills.

Our classes teach aspiring hockey players the skills necessary to enjoy the great game of hockey. Whether your child’s objective is to improve their hockey skills or learn skating on a recreational basis, we have something for them. Our highly skilled professional staff have years of experience teaching young hockey players the fundamentals of hockey and skating. All participants must wear a hockey helmet with a faceguard during class. Loaner helmets will not be available.

Junior Hockey I (ages 4 – 5.5)

These classes are for students who have completed a full session of  Tots or Pre-Alpha or have a recommendation from their instructor. Class will focus on how to adjust to hockey skates, fall and stand, balance, and forward stride. Transitioning to backward skating, forward and backward swizzles, stopping, turning, and crossovers are taught.

Junior Hockey II (ages 5 -6)

These classes are for students who have completed all skills in Junior Hockey I or have a recommendation from their instructor. Class is designed to teach skating, stick handling, and shooting. We emphasize fundamentals while incorporating fun.

Hockey 1 – 3 (ages 6+)

Hockey I: Proper stance, beginning forward strides, gliding, and stopping are taught.
Hockey II: Full strides, one foot glides, backwards stance, beginning crossovers, and turns are taught.
Hockey III: Gives advanced skaters the opportunity to improve skating skills while becoming more comfortable handling the puck and shooting.

No experience necessary, beginner through advanced levels welcome. Learn the basics to enjoy recreational skating or develop a solid foundation for learning more advanced skills.

Current Programming

The Winnetka Ice Arena offers youth + adult lessons, private lessons, a skating club, and more! Learn more about the ice arena’s current offerings by clicking the button below.

Ice Arena Policies

  • A $25 service fee will be charged for refunds. There are no refunds after the second class, except for medical reasons.
  • Skaters may make up one missed class per session. Approval must be obtained from the skating director (Christine Condon, ccondon@winpark.org) before the make-up class.
  • Classes may be combined or canceled at the discretion of management, depending on class enrollment.
  • All children wearing hockey skates must wear a hockey helmet with a faceguard. All beginner-level skaters should wear a knit hat or bike helmet and gloves or mittens.
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