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The Park District code requires the purchase of all goods and services estimated to exceed $25,000 shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, considering conformity with specifications, terms of delivery, quality, and serviceability. All requests for bids will be posted on this page at least ten days before the bids are opened.

Bid Notice

Invitation to Bid 2023 Hyster Model H60UT Lift Truck - 6,000 Capacity Dual Fuel

The Winnetka Park District shall receive sealed bids for (1) 2023 Hyster Model H60UT Lift Truck – 6,000lb Capacity Dual Fuel at Winnetka Park District Administration Building 540 Hibbard Rd., Winnetka, Illinois 60093 (Phone: 847-501-2052) until Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 10:00am.

A public bid opening will be held in the Community Room, located at the Winnetka Park District Administration Building, 540 Hibbard Road, Winnetka, Illinois 60093, on Thursday April 27, 2023 at 10:00am.

Bid results and a recommendation for board action will be presented at the Board Meeting of the Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners on May 25, 2023.

The Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners reserves the right to waive any informalities in the bids received according to its own judgment, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, reserves the right to accept only portions of each proposal and reject the remainder, and reserves the right to combine or separate any section or work if it is in the best public interest.

Applicable laws and regulation of those having jurisdiction in the State of Illinois shall govern submittal, opening, and award of bids. Contracts for the Construction of Public Works are subject to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130/1-12).

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