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BEach SAFE Water Safety

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The Winnetka Park District is committed to educating our community and visitors on water safety to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at our local beaches in and around the water. All beach users, community members, and visitors are responsible for following all beach rules, applicable laws, and Winnetka Park District policies – regardless of time of years and/or presence of Park District staff. You can find beach rules posted: 

  • on signage at the beach 
  • painted on piers 
  • in our ordinances  – and other places throughout the district. 

Beach Safety Tips

Useful beach safety tips include the following, which are meant only to highlight areas rather than comprehensively list all beach and other rules, applicable laws, and District policies. 

  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and at hat when outdoors – even in cloudy weather.
  • Be mindful of heat hazard: drink plenty of water, seek shade as needed, and take other steps to prevent heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses.
  • Always assess the current and future weather conditions before planning a visit to the beach.
  • Assess the water conditions.
  • Be observant of the colored flag posted at the beach. Red is Closed.  Green is Open.
  • Exit the water immediately if poor weather arrives.
  • Seek shelter.
  • Swimming is only allowed at beaches where lifeguards are on duty (Tower & Maple Beaches.) Swim only in the swim zone within the buoys. 
  • Swimming is not allowed at Lloyd Beach.
  • Always swim with a friend or family member. Never swim alone.
  • Always make yourself visible to others at all times.
  • If caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore.
  • Waves and lake conditions can make the water cloudy or opaque. Always check for rocks or other obstructions.
  • Enter the water feet first. Do not dive or jump into Lake Michigan – this includes from boats, piers, rocks, and other watercraft.
  • Never assume water depth or conditions, as Lake Michigan can change season to season, week to week, day to day, and even hour to hour.
  • Always wear a lifejacket.
  • Have a spotter if pulling a tube or skier.
  • Never swim around a boat that has the engine running.
  • Never jump off a boat into unknown waters.
  • Immediately call 911.
  • Reach for person who needs help only if you can do so.
  • Throw a life ring into the water. Do not jump into water.  Keep eyes on the person.
  • Stay on site until rescue personnel arrive.
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