Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks

Stormwater is the water produced from rainfall or melting snow. In developed areas, pavement and buildings prevent this water from absorbing into the ground resulting in pooling, flooding, and/or the flow of stormwater to other locations.

In 2013, the park district replaced a portion of the natural turf at Skokie Playfields with artificial turf. As part of this process, a four million gallon stormwater detention tank was installed underneath the field to capture stormwater from the fields and surrounding campus. The water collected from this tank is diverted to the irrigation system at the Winnetka Golf Club so it can be reused to water the course.


Bioswales are vegetated low-lying areas or troughs that utilize plant materials and specialized soil mixes to remove debris and pollution from surface runoff water, then divert the water to a storm sewer system or other retention area. Bioswales are an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional concrete gutters and storm sewers.

As part of the renovations at Skokie Playfields in 2013, bioswales were created on the north end of the athletic fields to filter the surface runoff water, then divert it to the underground stormwater detention tank.

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