Pickleball Courts

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Summer 2024 Court Hours

Open play is available outdoors (weather permitting) from 12 – 5pm Monday through Friday until August 5, 2024.

Court Format

Outdoor Tennis Court 6 utilizes two pickleball courts. Court 1 (north court) and Court 2 (south court) are open courts intended for all skill levels that want to experience the game.

Court 1 (north court) will be designated for experienced players. Court 2 (south court) will be designated for beginner players. If there are no new beginners, Court 2 will be open to all skill levels.

Open Play Rules

  • Four people on a court if there are enough players
  • Games are to be played to 11 points
  • Follow the pickleball rules and guidelines stated in USAPA rulebooks and/or website

If all courts are in use and you are waiting your turn:

  • Lay your paddle on the paddle chair/table and stack up to four paddles at a time. The next open court is for the next four paddles in line.
  • You can place your paddle on any stack as long as there are not four paddles on that stack.
  • Do not move anyone’s paddle but your own.
  • Stacks on the right will play next.
  • When you come off the court, you may place your paddle with the same people you played with and make your own stack or add to a different stack that is not already filled with four paddles.
  • If a stack has three paddles, you may go ahead and add yours regardless of how long you have been waiting.
  • If a court is available and the next stack only has three paddles, you can do two things: 1) Someone can volunteer to play in that game; 2) The paddle on the bottom of the next stack will be used so the next group can go out.


  • Balls are available for purchase
  • Limited pickleball racquets may be rented at the A.C. Nielsen Service Desk for $3
  • Court shoes must be worn
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