Bikeway System Master Plan

Bikeway System Master PlanUpdated 1/22/16

The Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners approved an updated Bikeway Master Plan on 1/21/16.

Bikeway Master Plan

Updated 8/3/15

August 1, 2015 Presentation

Updated 7/10/15

Revised Bikeway Master Plan Community Meeting
Saturday, August 1
9:00 – 11:00 am
Community Room, 540 Hibbard Road

The Winnetka Park District invites residents to learn more about the revised plans for the Winnetka Bikeway Master Plan.

Revised Plan Overview
First Priority
Second Priority
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Updated 4/5/13

On April 26, 2012 the Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners approved the Bikeway Master Plan. The next step is bringing this plan to the Village of Winnetka for consideration in the winter 2013.

Bike Master Plan

This item will be on the Village of Winnetka’s Council Study Session on Thursday, April 11, 7 pm.

Bikeway Master Plan Benefits

Health Benefits . . .

  • In walkable, bikeable communities, every trip taken is an opportunity for physical activity.
  • Teenagers who bike or walk to school watch less TV and are less likely to smoke than their peers who are driven to school, in addition to getting more overall physical activity daily.
  • Reduces traffic related air pollution.

Safety Benefits . . . 

  • Bike Route signage alerts vehicles of shared road conditions and directs bike riders along established routes.
  • Provides a safer environment by encouraging safe speeds and by giving people safe places to walk and bike.
  • Bike lanes encourage cyclists to ride on the street in the proper direction.

Economic Benefits . . .

  • Homes located near bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities are worth more and maintain their value.
  • When people have the ability to choose more cost-effective travel modes, they have more money to spend locally.
  • By providing access, directional signage and bicycle parking in the business districts it will encourage shopping locally.

Transportation Benefits . . . 

  • Gives people a choice of travel modes.
  • Provides access to nearby neighborhoods, communities, businesses, parks, lakefront, and schools.
  • Improves transportation networks by providing greater access to more destinations.

Community Benefits . . .

  • Gives parents confidence that there are safe places to bike, allowing families to achieve active and health lifestyles.
  • Allows older adults to age in place by preserving their mobility.
  • Enhances the quality of life for all residents.

source:, Winnetka Bikeway Master Plan

Community Bikeway System Benefits (pdf)

Additional Information
Proposed District-Wide Bikeway System 2/2/12 Open House Presentation
Village Engineer Review – Summary 2/1/12
2/2/12 Open House Summary

Our inaugural Bike Winnetka event held this past fall was declared a huge success thanks to our volunteer committee, our community partners, the Winnetka police and more importantly the 252 cyclist who joined us on this 7.9 mile ride throughout scenic Winnetka. This event helped solidify the District’s interest in developing a comprehensive District Wide Bikeway System Master Plan.

Approved by the Park Board on September 22, 2011, the Park District has engaged the services of Hitchcock Design Group to identify both on and off road bike trail routes with the objective of providing links between other trail systems, the lakefront, key parks and recreation facilities, the downtown business district and other important community destinations. The final plan will also identify key areas for signage and a specific east-west links between the Green Bay Trail and the Cook County Forest Preserve District connection to the Skokie Trail.

A Task Force with key stakeholders has been assembled to work with the Park District and the Hitchcock Design Group to work on this project. The final project will help future planning and applications for grant funding as it becomes available.

The Task Force met in December and early-January. Task force members include: Police Chief Pat Kreis, Chamber Executive Director Terry Dason, Cook County Board Commissioner Larry Suffredin, Assistant Village Engineer Susan Chen, along with Winnetka Park District staff members, Executive Director Terry Schwartz, Superintendent of Parks Robert Smith and Superintendent of Facilities Tom Gullen. Local business representatives include Larry Faulkner and Bill McKinley and community members Barb Cornew, Eric Chan and Don Moloney round out the task force participants. The Task Force has met several times over the last couple of months to provide insightful information from their various professional perspectives.

At the January 12, 2012 meeting the Park Board reviewed the preliminary work to date and is prepared to bring this information forward to the community through an open house forum that was held February 2 for feedback.

During the course of this open house representatives from Hitchcock Design Group and the Winnetka Park District were available to share the preliminary plan to date and document comments/suggestions (either verbally or through comment cards).

On April 26, 2012 the Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners approved the Bikeway Master Plan. The next step is bringing this plan to the Village of Winnetka for consideration.

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