Winnetka Park District Staff

Human Resources Specialist 
Taylor Brooks
E: tbrooks@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2075

Superintendent of Finance
Jim Crocker
E: jcrocker@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2075

Human Resources Director 
Elizabeth Dostert
E: edostert@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2048

Marketing + Communications Manager 
Kate Erickson 
E: kerickson@winpark.org
P: (847) 716-1299 

Graphic Design + Media Specialist 
Skylar Greenberg 
E: sgreenberg@winpark.org
P: (847) 716-1293

Assistant Manager for Administrative Operations
Denise Kauffman
E: dkauffman@winpark.org
P: (847) 421-2814

Executive Director
Shannon Nazzal, CPRE
E: snazzal@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2074

Assistant Superintendent of Finance
Andy Trettin
E: atrettin@winpark.org
P: (847) 716-1293

Director of Recreation and Facilities 
Alisa Kapusinski, CPRE 
E: akapusinski@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2072

Recreation Manager (camps + events)
Toby Ross
E: tross@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2071

Recreation Manager (athletics + field rentals)
James Janesku
E: jjanesku@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2061

Recreation Coordinator (programs + rentals)
Debra Zarembski
E: dzarembski@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2040

Lakefront Manager 
Matt Barton
E: mbarton@winpark.org
P: (847) 770-0832

Director of Parks + MaintenanceCosta Kutulas
E: ckutulas@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2052

Landscape ArchitectRichard Schram
E: rschram@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2055

Superintendent of ParksGreg Fields
E: gfields@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2057

Pat Fragassi, PTR
E: pfragassi@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2066

Director of Tennis
Alexander Shubny, USPTA, PTR
E: ashubny@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-6135

Assistant Manager
Joe Holguin, USPTA, PTR
E: jholguin@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2058

Facility Manager
Paul Schwartz
E: pschwartz@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2062

Assistant Facility Manager
James Faedtke
E: jfaedtke@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2059

General Manager + Head Golf Professional

Director of Agronomy
Andrew Garner
E: agarner@kempersports.org

For professional staff bios and contact information, visit the Winnetka Golf Club website.

Facility Manager
Paul Schwartz
E: pschwartz@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2062

Skating Director
Christine Condon
E: ccondon@winpark.org
P: (847) 716-1295

Assistant Manager 
James Faedtke 
E: jfaedtke@winpark.org
P: (847) 501-2059

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