Meetings, Agendas & Minutes


Regular Board Meetings
The Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners meet at 6:30 pm on the 4th Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

Meetings dates and times are subject to change by action of the Board of Commissioners. Notice of such changes will be posted on this website and in the lobby of the Administrative Offices. To confirm the Board meeting location, date and time you may call the Administrative Office at 847-501-2040 or check the Calendar of Events.  All meetings are open to the public, except those meetings, or portions of meetings which the Board determines to be held in private and which the law permits to be held in private. Agendas for the next meeting of the Board will be posted on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. A printable copy of the current meeting schedule is available here.

Committee Meetings
The Board of Commissioners also serve on Board Committees, which include; Committee of the Whole, Administration, Audit, Finance, Lakefront Advisory, Parks and Beaches, Project Oversight, Recreation and Revenue Facilities. These committees meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm, when needed, to review and evaluate staff recommendations and supporting documentation. After a Board Committee has reviewed and reached a consensus on an item, the item is brought to the full Park Board for final review and/or approval.

Staff Role
The Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Communication/Marketing Manager, Superintendent of Facilities, Superintendent of Parks, Superintendent of Recreation and Administrative Manager/Safety Coordinator regularly attend Board and Committee meetings to discuss agenda items with the Park Board. Other Park District staff attend meetings at the request of the Executive Director or Park Board.

Special Meetings
Occasionally, the Board may call a special meeting to discuss a topic in greater depth or to consider a matter that requires action prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Notices of special meetings, including the meeting’s agenda, will be posted on our website and at the Winnetka Park District office at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Public Hearings
As a part of the planning process of a special project or issue, the Board may conduct public hearings. The purpose for these meetings is to provide residents with information on a specific topic and seek input.

2016 Meetings

The September 8 committee meetings have been cancelled.

Date Meeting Agenda Packet Minutes
December 15 Regular Board Meeting
December 12 Board Workshop – Strategic Plan
December 8 Board Committee Meeting
November 17 Regular Board Meeting  
November 10 Committee of the Whole  
November 3 Committee of the Whole
October 27 Regular Board Meeting  
October 24 Parks & Beaches Committee  
October 13 Committee of the Whole  
September 22 Committee of the Whole
Regular Board Meeting
September 19 Executive Steering Committee
August 25 Committee of the Whole
Regular Board Meeting

July 28 Regular Board Meeting  
July 28 Committee of the Whole    
July 19 Park Tour    
July 14 Revenue Facilities
July 14 Parks & Beaches
July 14 Recreation Committee  
July 14 Finance Committee
June 23 Regular Board Meeting
June 9 Audit Committee
June 9 Revenue Facilities
June 9 Recreation Committee
June 9 Parks & Beaches
May 26 Committee of the Whole
May 26 Regular Board Meeting
May 26 Annual Meeting
May 18 Parks & Beaches
May 18 Revenue Facilities
May 11 Board Workshop –
Strategic Plan
April 28 Regular Board Meeting
April 14 Revenue Facilities
April 14 Parks & Beaches
April 14 Recreation Committee
April 14 Finance Committee  
April 14 Administration
March 17 Parks & Beaches
March 17 Regular Board Meeting
February 25 Committee of the Whole
February 25 Public Hearing  
February 25 Regular Board Meeting  
February 11 Administration
Committee Meeting
February 11 Special Board Meeting    
February 11 Parks & Beaches
January 21 Regular Board Meeting  
January 14
Committee of the Whole  

Archived Meetings

Additional information regarding the agenda may be obtained from our Administrative Office, 847-501-2040.