Winnetka Park District Partners with Village and School District for Crow Island Stormwater Project

February 29, 2024; Winnetka, IL  – The Winnetka Park District is preparing for its ongoing collaboration with the Village of Winnetka and School District 36 on the Crow Island Stormwater Storage and Conveyance Project. This initiative marks the third installment in the Village’s comprehensive Stormwater Improvements Program, aimed at bolstering effective and sustainable stormwater management practices. Exciting developments are on the horizon as the project heads into its commencement in March. Residents can anticipate the installation of fencing to begin
the week of March 4, 2024. The Winnetka Park District, alongside its partners, are dedicated to ensuring a seamless execution of this vital project. Crow Island Woods construction is anticipated to be completed by late August 2024. For more information, please access the Village of Winnetka website under the projects header for stormwater management.
The Shelter and adjacent lawn area will undergo temporary closures, which will last several months. Residents and visitors are encouraged to explore and enjoy the other amenities offered by Crow Island Woods and the Park District throughout this period. This pivotal phase of the project promises significant flood relief to the neighborhoods south of Willow Road. A state-of-the-art underground stormwater storage facility will be strategically situated to capture and store excess stormwater before releasing it downstream to the Hibbard Preserve Stormwater Management Wetland.

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