Why choose us for summer camp?

We’ve been doing this for a long time

The Winnetka Park District’s sole mission is to provide recreational programs for youth, teens, and adults, and we’ve been doing it successfully for 114 years. We began running summer camp programs more than 40 years ago, starting with a single camp – Happiness Is. Our goal was to provide children with an opportunity to escape the pressures of everyday life by experiencing nature, having fun, developing new friendships, gaining new skills, and staying active.

Since then, we’ve grown our offering to more than 20 different camps, while remaining true to our original goal.

Summer Camp Winnetka Park District

Our camps are affordable and highly regarded

Our summer camps are the most affordable on the North Shore, with some starting as low as $3.84 per hour. Plus, parents love them. Over the past three years, our camps have received a 94 percent parent satisfaction rating.

“Thank you for a fabulous summer! The ability to drop off my child early was a great help. We found the Winnetka Park District camps far better than other more expensive camps in the region.”

“My son loved the beach, the field trips, and the friends he made. He can’t wait to return next year and wants to go a full day instead of a half day! Thank you all for everything, he had such a great time and can’t wait to come back!!”

“My child came home very happy every day, and cried his eyes out when I told him it was the last day of camp. He demonstrated new skills and new development during the camp and I cannot thank you enough!”

We offer flexible scheduling

Parents can choose to extend their child’s day at camp with early drop-off and late pick-up, are able to pick full or half days, and can choose specific days and/or weeks that work best with their schedule.

Summer Camps Winnetka Park District

Our camps have lots of variety to keep children active, engaged, and developing new skills

Children spend a large majority of their time inside and sitting down. We’ve built our camps to give children the opportunity to get outside and active by enjoying the beach, going on field trips, and engaging in a variety of sports, arts, and enrichment activities with peers. By taking a break from technology and the indoors, children can rediscover their creativity and enhance their sports abilities, artistic talents, and adventure skills.

Summer Camps Winnetka Park District

We provide an opportunity to unwind and gain self-confidence

Our camps are a great escape from the academic and social pressures that shape children’s lives at school. By offering non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities for every child to succeed, our camps help children build self-confidence and self-esteem. With opportunities for unstructured play every day, children are able to get away from the overly-structured and overly-scheduled routines of school, giving them the much needed time to just play, laugh, and be silly.

Summer Camps Winnetka Park District

We are passionate, energetic, and truly care

Many of our summer camp staff were past campers themselves, growing up every summer at the Winnetka Park District. They have wonderful memories of camp and of their counselors who they looked up to and admired as positive role models. They truly care and are passionate about making the experience for every young camper just as great as their own was.

Our camper to staff ratio ranges from 5 to 1 through 8 to 1, and all of our youthful and energetic staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. This ensures that counselors are able to provide the direction, encouragement, and positive and safe environment every camper needs to have the perfect summer.

Summer Camps Winnetka Park District

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