Ice Arena Facility Guidelines

Group Lesson / Facility Guidelines

  • Everyone entering the building must wear a face covering at all times. All skaters must wear a face covering while on the ice.
  • All skaters should enter through the lobby doors. Side door is NOT to be used.
  • All skaters should come ready to skate with skates on.
  • The lobby may be used to put on rental skates but must remain clear during classes.
  • Rental skates will be available for $3.50 per day or you may purchase a ten use punch card for $28. Staff will not be available to put on skates.
  • Helmets and gloves will not be available for use. Helmets (bicycle helmets acceptable) are recommended for all Snowplow Sam and Basic 1 skaters. If not, a hat.
  • Gloves should be worn by everyone.
  • All Snowplow Sam, Mini Hawk, and Little Hawk skaters must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Spectators may watch, while socially distanced, in the ice rink stands. No standing in the ice rink area or waiting in the lobby. We encourage only one adult per skater.
  • No hockey skates for Snowplow Sam 1 skaters.
  • All skaters who wear hockey skates must wear a hockey helmet with a face mask.
  • Beginning skaters should wear a warm jacket and knit pants. We do not recommend snow pants.
  • Participants and spectators must leave the facility immediately after their session ends.

Hockey Players & Coaches

  • If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing symptoms of any kind, please be responsible and stay home.
  • Each participant is required to complete and sign a comprehensive waiver before entering the facility.  This requirement, once completed and signed, will not be required for future sessions.
  • Goalies in each session will be provided a private space to dress for their time slot. Home dressing is required if your goalie cannot dress themselves.
  • Please maintain physical distance in locker rooms.
  • Overflow dress areas will be available.
  • Rental skates, loaner helmets, and loaner hockey gear will not be available.
  • Vending machines and water fountains will not be available.
  • The southeast “Shooting/Training Area” will not be available.
  • Staff/Coaches will be required to wear a face covering and gloves at all times.
  • Children, who are not active participants, may not be left unattended or unsupervised in the facility.
  • Restrooms will be limited and can only be used one person at a time.  The best advice is for each participant to properly address this issue at home, if possible.
  • At the end of the session, the participant will put on their personal face covering and skate guards, or change and immediately exit the facility. Participants cannot congregate in the ice arena.
  • Prior to arriving at the Winnetka Ice Arena, please know which entrance participant and/or parents/spectators are required to enter and exit. There are no exceptions to the entrance and exit requirements, which are below.

Ages 5-10 (Mite & Squirts)

  • Enter south door (locker room hallway door).
  • Must dress at home.
  • Mites and squirts should be directed immediately to the player benches and wait for their session.
  • Please show up no more than 10 minutes before your session.
  • Parents/guardian my escort participant to the exterior south door (Parents/guardian may not enter the facility at the south door).
  • All participants should bring their own water bottle with name on it.

Ages 11+

  • Enter south door (locker room hallway door).
  • Recommend dress at home, but may use locker rooms.
  • Face coverings required in all areas including locker rooms, until on ice surface.
  • All participants should bring their own water bottle with name on it
  • Please show up no more than 20 minutes before your session.
  • Must wear face covering entering the facility and while in locker rooms changing.

Hockey Parents / Spectators

  • Enter through main entrance (west entrance).
  • Face coverings are required the entire time in the facility.
  • Max of 2 parent(s)/spectator(s) per participant.
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed in locker rooms or near player bench areas.
  • Parents/spectators may pick up their participants outside at the south side door.

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