Centennial Beach Enhancement Project Update

Winnetka, Illinois –

We are pleased to announce that the Winnetka Park District has submitted a Special Use Permit to the Village of Winnetka’s Zoning Board of Appeals for the enhancement project at Centennial Beach. The submission made on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the district’s ongoing efforts convenient lakefront access while supporting and enhancing Lake Michigan’s ecosystems.

Driven by changing demographics that reflect a community deeply committed to open space, health, and wellbeing, the Centennial Beach Enhancement Project aims to align with the Winnetka Park District’s Lakefront Master Plan Waterfront 2030 mission and the Village of Winnetka Comprehensive Plan pillars.

The approved purpose of the project underscores its alignment with these overarching goals. The core functions and active & passive site uses include:

  • All-access swimming beach
  • Off-leash dog beach
  • Accessible park and beach access with inclusive universal design elements
  • All-access viewing pier
  • Sand beach, boardwalk, and seating
  • Bluff and beach vegetative habitat creation with views of Lake Michigan

Shannon Nazzal, Executive Director of Winnetka Park District, emphasized, “We responded to public input and the desire ts with the mission of Centennial Beach and bluff improvements, which is to provide a balance of quality recreation and leisure opportunities while safeguarding assets and natural resources for present and future generations.”

Christina Codo, President of the Board of Commissioners at the Winnetka Park District, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating, “The board and Winnetka Park District staff are thrilled to embark on this exciting phase of Winnetka’s lakefront.” 

The Centennial Beach Enhancement Project represents a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of life for Winnetka residents and visitors alike. By preserving and enhancing this iconic community space, Winnetka Park District remains committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community environment. 

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