Boat Storage

Motorized Boat Storage

All motorized boat storage spaces have been claimed for the 2021 season.


Non-Motorized Boat Storage

Membership Dates: May 1 – April 30

Storage racks are available at Stepan Family Boat Launch at Lloyd Beach. Sail lockers are included with sailboat storage.

Boat TypeWinnetka ResidentNon-Resident
Vanguard 15 Sailboat $400$800
Sunfish and Laser Sailboat $350$700
Windsurfer/Paddle Board $350 $700
Canoes/Kayak $350 $700
Additional Vessels* $200$300

*Additional vessels must fit under current rack space.


Racks for non-motorized boats (paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, small sailboats) will be available at Lloyd. 2019 rack holders have the first right of refusal. Racks not renewed will be available to patrons on the waitlist May 1. If you have questions or would like to be added to the waitlist, email Marty Kwiatkowski at

Non-Motorized Boat Storage Rack Application


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