Adult Tennis Programs

Winter Session

The winter session originally scheduled to start November 30, will now start the week of January 25. The session will extend through May 16 to make up for the six weeks of classes missed. There will be no classes the week of spring break, March 27 – April 4. If you signed up for the winter session and would prefer to be refunded rather than makeup classes in May, please call (847) 501-2065 ext 0.

January 25 – May 16
No classes: March 27 – April 4

How to Register

  • Phone: (847) 501-2065 ext. 0
  • In Person: 530 Hibbard Road


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A credit will be applied to your household automatically for all programs and facility rentals that are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A refund (instead of a credit) will be given if requested. Learn more.

Class Make-Ups

Adult class make-ups are not guaranteed. All make-up requests should be directed to the class instructor. Refunds or account credits will not be issued for missed classes, with the exception of missed classes due to injury or illness.



Women’s day and evening classes are offered throughout the year for beginner to advanced players. Click here to view classes.


Men’s day and evening classes are offered throughout the year for intermediate to advanced players. Click here to view classes.


Class Levels

To ensure proper class placement, the teaching staff conducts an evaluation of all students during the first week of our lesson program. New students can estimate their level from the descriptions below and are encouraged to make an appointment with a pro to ensure placement in the appropriate level. If you have any questions regarding your appropriate level, please contact Alexander Shubny at (847) 501-6135 before registration.

Beginner (1.0-1.5)

This class is for those players who are just starting to play tennis and need to develop foundational skills, like getting the ball into play and proper technique on major shots.

Advanced Beginner (1.5-2.0)

This class is for those players who may have had some lessons, but require more on-court experience. At this level, players are beginning to develop their form and can get the ball into play at a slow pace, but exhibit an inconsistent toss.

Intermediate I (2.0-2.5)

This class is for those players who have more dependable strokes and can keep the ball in play with other players of similar ability. Players are beginning to learn how to judge where the ball is going, but are often caught out of position to receive the ball.

Intermediate II (2.5-3.0)

This class is for those players starting to hit with more consistency on moderate shots, can successfully place shots most of the time, and can sustain a rally at a slow pace. Players may not be comfortable with all strokes and lack control when hitting with increased power.

Advanced I (3.0-3.5)

This class is for those players exhibiting improved consistency and variety on moderate shots, have directional control, and are beginning to develop a spin. The player has achieved stroke dependability and direction on shots within reach, including forehand and backhand volleys, but lacks depth and variety in shots. This player seldom double faults and occasionally forces errors on the serve.

Advanced II (3.5-4.0)

This class is for those players demonstrating consistency, have dependable strokes on forehand and backhand, can use a variety of shots, have the ability to place the first serve and force some errors, and have good positioning and movement on the court. The player can hit with depth and control on moderate shots, but may misjudge ability to achieve good placements on difficult shots.

Advanced III (4.0-4.5)

This class is for players who demonstrate exceptional consistency, have ability to use speed and spin effectively, can control depth well, can anticipate shots well, frequently have an outstanding shot, can handle a mixed sequence of volleys, can execute solid footwork, and are beginning to vary their game according to their opponent’s. Tryouts required.

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