Hot Shot Summer Sports Camp

Ages: 6 – 12
Location: Skokie Playfields, 540 Hibbard Road


This camp focuses on various sports, including flag football, basketball, baseball, kickball, soccer, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, nerf battle, capture the flag, and other group games. Each day, campers participate in skill development followed by gameplay.

Activity #DaysDatesTimeRes/Non-Res
R30709-01M-F6/14 – 7/9 9am-12pm $600/720
R30709-02 M-F 7/12 – 8/6 9am-12pm $600/720


Campers will compete on a team in different sports, including flag football, basketball, baseball, soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee, nerf battle, gaga, speedball, and more. Every Friday, campers will participate in a special activity, like knockerball, inflatables, obstacle courses, water games, and more!

Activity #DaysDatesTimeRes/Non-Res
R30709-03M-F6/14 – 7/9 12-3:30pm $625/725
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Mighty Mites Multi-Sport Camp

Ages: 3 – 5
Location: Crow Island Woods, 1140 Willow Road

This camp introduces kids to football, basketball, soccer, t-ball, lacrosse, kickball, running games, and more. Participants should bring a labeled water bottle and face covering.

Age 3

Activity #DaysDatesTimeRes/Non-Res
R30583-13M-F6/7 – 6/119:15-10:15am$60/70
R30583-23 M-F 8/16 – 8/20 9:15-10:15am $60/70

Ages 4 – 5

Activity #DaysDatesTimeRes/Non-Res
R30583-14M-F6/7 – 6/1110:30am-12pm$90/105
R30583-24 M-F 8/16 – 8/20 10:30am-12pm$90/105
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