Almost Anything Goes

Grades: 2 – 4
Location: The Skokie School (520 Glendale Ave)
No Camp: July 4

At Almost Anything Goes, campers will get the opportunity to experience what summer is all about — spending time inside and out doing a vast assortment of fun and unique activities with friends! Campers will enjoy various theme days and weeks, playing games with friends, trying new sports, making arts and crafts, and more! Every Wednesday, campers will venture to Tower Road Beach for a day in the sun, and every Thursday campers will go on an excursion to a fun venue, including places like water parks, Legoland, and Pinstripes. Excursions are all day events. Campers enrolled in the morning need to stay all day, and campers enrolled in the afternoon will need to arrive by 9am. There are no additional fees for these days. Check out last year’s parent newsletters to see what campers experience each week.

Camp requirements: Campers must bring a sack lunch and water every day. There is no access to a refrigerator or microwave. Parents will be notified of any excursions which provide lunch.


Register online or in-person at 540 Hibbard Road.

Register Online

Day Camp

Activity # Days Dates Time Res/Non-Res
R30500-A1 W-F 6/12 – 6/14* 9am-3pm $100/120
R30500-G1 W-F 6/12 – 6/14* 9am-1pm $85/100
R30503-F M-F 6/17 – 8/2 9am-3pm $1,170/1,405
R30503-G M-F 6/17 – 8/2 9am-1pm $970/1,160
R30503-H M-F 6/17 – 8/2 12-3pm $835/1,005
R30513-F M-F 8/5 – 8/9* 9am-3pm $235/250
R30513-G M-F 8/5 – 8/9* 9am-1pm $195/210
*Day camp will be held at Indian Hill (131 Wilson Street).

Day Camp Add-Ons

Early Drop Off

Activity # Days Dates Time Res/Non-Res
R30500-GU W-F 6/12 – 6/14* 8-9am $15/20
R30503-U M-F 6/17 – 8/2 8-9am $195/230
R30513-U M-F 8/5 – 8/9* 8-9am $30/35
*Early drop off will be held at Indian Hill (131 Wilson Street).

Late Pick Up

Activity # Days Dates Time Res/Non-Res
R30500-GT W-F 6/12 – 6/14** 3-6pm $50/60
R30505-L M-F 6/17 – 8/2** 3-6pm $560/675
R30505-LX M-F 8/5 – 8/9** 3-6pm $80/95
**Late pick-up from June 12 to June 14 and August 5 to August 9 will be held at the park district (540 Hibbard Road). Late pick up from June 17 to August 2 will be held at Crow Island School (1112 Willow Road). Campers will be transported there by Park District staff.

Select Weeks

Choose one or multiple weeks within the date range. Early drop off and late pick up are available for select weeks and can be added at the time of registration. Fees listed are per week.

Registration for select weeks is only accepted in person at the Winnetka Park District administrative office (540 Hibbard Road).

Activity # Days Dates Time Res/Non-Res
R30503-Q M-F 6/17 – 8/2 9am-1pm $225/240
R30503-R M-F 6/17 – 8/2 9am-1pm $185/200
R30503-S M-F 6/17 – 8/2 12-3pm $165/175

Washburne’s Adventures in Learning Camp Add-On

Children enrolled in Adventures in Learning summer camp are welcome to partake in Almost Anything Goes! This option includes five weeks of afternoons and two weeks of all day camp once Adventures in Learning has ended. Transportation from Adventures in Learning to Almost Anything Goes will be provided everyday.

Activity # Days Dates Time Res/Non-Res
R30503-L M-F 6/17 – 7/19 12-3pm $1,055/1,270
7/22 – 8/2 9am-3pm
Register Online


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