Free Skate

Session Dates

Fall II: October 11 – December 22

Winter: January 9 – March 24

Spring: April 3 – May 26


November 28: Winter registration begins for residents at 9am

December 5: Winter registration begins for non-residents at 9am

Free Skate

Each free skate level is comprised of a variety of advanced skating skills, transition, spins, and jumps that build on the previous skill. These levels are taught in a positive and interactive group format. Instructors will focus on quality and mastery of skills.

No class: Monday, October 31

Pre-Free Skate

Ages: 6+
Prerequisite: Basic 6

Free Skate

Ages: 6+
Prerequisite: Pre-Free Skate

Group Lessons

Find Your Skill Level

Register for Programs

Program Policies

Ice Arena Discounts

Register for two or more classes per student, per session, and receive a 10 percent discount. Families registering three or more children per session receive a five percent discount. Discounts are only valid with mail-in or in-person registration and do not include the Winnetka Figure Skating Club.

Ice Arena Class Make-ups

Skaters may make up one missed class per session. Approval must be obtained from the skating director before the make-up class.

Ice Arena Refunds

All class refunds will incur a $25 service fee. There are no refunds after the second class unless class cancellation is due to medical reasons.

Ice Arena Equipment

All children wearing hockey skates must wear a hockey helmet with a faceguard. All beginner-level skaters should wear a knit hat or bike helmet and gloves or mittens.
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