Skokie Playfield

Skokie Playfield Map

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  • 600 Hibbard Road, Winnetka, IL 60093 (Golf Service Center)
  • 540 Hibbard Road, Winnetka, IL 60093 (Administrative Office)
  • 530 Hibbard Road, Winnetka, IL 60093 (A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center)
  • 490 Hibbard Road, Winnetka, IL 60093 (Winnetka Ice Arena)
  • 1300 Oak Street, Winnetka, IL 60093 (Winnetka Golf Club)
  • 1300 Spruce Street, Winnetka, IL 60093

West of Hibbard Road at Elm Street and Oak Street

160.34 acres (Owned by Winnetka Park District) 1.67 acres (Leased from Village of Winnetka)

Structures: A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center, Winnetka Park District Administrative Office, Tennis Storage Shed, Tennis Shack, Winnetka Ice Arena, Platform Tennis Shack, Winnetka Golf Club Clubhouse, Golf Cart Storage Building, Starter’s Shack, Driving RangeTeaching Shelter, Sprint Building, U.S. Cellular Building, Golf Halfway House, Ballfield Building (Little House), Golf Maintenance Building, North Maintenance Outbuilding, South Maintenance Outbuilding, Lumber Shed, Greenhouse, Storage Bins, Compost Building, Pumphouse

Skokie Playfield is the largest park in the Winnetka Park District. It also has the largest number of structures and activities.

The A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center is a large building west of and facing Hibbard Road at Elm Street. It houses 8 interior tennis courts, pro-shop, offices, daycare room, restrooms, locker rooms, viewing galleries, mechanical rooms, and storage spaces. There are 12 outdoor courts to the south of the building, 8 of them lighted. Parking for the center sits just east of the building. A small playground is located between the outdoor courts and the parking lot.

The Winnetka Park District Administrative Office is attached to the north side of the tennis center. Completed in 2003, it contains a multipurpose room, offices, storage rooms, closets, 4 restrooms, reception area, lunchroom, and central office workroom.
A Skate Park, constructed in 2003, is located just west of the Administrative Office.

The Tennis Shack is located to the west of the 4 southern outdoor courts. This building houses a meeting room, office, and two restrooms. A small Storage Shed is located on the south side of the tennis center. The Platform Tennis complex lies just west of the 8 northern outdoor tennis courts. There are 6 elevated platform tennis courts with a building adjacent to the west side of the courts. The building houses a warming/meeting/viewing room with a kitchen, storage room, and two restrooms. This building was constructed in 2004 and the 2 newer courts installed in 2007.

To the northwest of the Platform Tennis complex are two brick buildings, one for Sprint and the more northerly one for U.S. Cellular. The buildings house mechanical equipment for the metal cell tower poles just southwest of the buildings. Easements are provided to the buildings and towers through Skokie Playfield. South of the outdoor tennis courts is an extension of Oak Street, a concrete road that serves as access to additional parking areas.

Together with the Tennis Center parking and the Service Center parking, spaces for 302 cars are provided over the entire site. All lots but the Service Center’s are lit for night use. South of Oak Street is the Winnetka Ice Arena. It houses a full size ice rink with bleachers and lift, concession room, lobby, restrooms, locker rooms, offices, lounge, Zamboni room, mechanical rooms, and storage rooms. Parking is immediately north and west of the Ice Arena. Just south of the Ice Arena is an open grassy field, used for field games.

The Winnetka Golf Club occupies the majority of the site. A curbed asphalt drive and path system leads from the back parking lot west to the Clubhouse. This structure houses the pro-shop, concession area, kitchen, offices, porch, meeting room, lockers, storage rooms, bag storage room, and mechanical rooms. A one-room Golf Cart Storage Building sits just north of the Clubhouse. It also borders the west side of the golf driving range. The driving range is bordered on the east by netting hung from wood telephone poles and steel cell towers. The rest of the driving range border is chainlink fence. The driving range also includes an open Teaching Shelter, located just west of the Platform Tennis Courts. An open Starter’s Shack is located southwest of the Clubhouse. The 18 hole course extends north and west of the Clubhouse and consists of flat terrain broken up by ponds, creeks, elevated tees, greens, berms, asphalt paths, gravel paths, and a great variety of landscaping. A Halfway House sits in the center of the north portion of the course. This structure houses a porch (for vending machines), kitchen, and two restrooms. An asphalt service drive off of Boal Parkway provides access to this building. The 9 hole Par 3 course extends south of the Clubhouse. The terrain is similar to the 18 hole course, except more densely wooded.

North and west of the Administrative Office are located 6 ballfields, 3 of which are lit for night play (1 baseball – official sized and 5 softball/youth baseball). A Ballfield Storage Building (also known as the Little House), just northwest of the Skate Park, houses an elevated storage room, a larger storage room, and a covered shelter. Fencing, backstops, trees, and limestone screenings surround the Storage Building.

The Golf Service Center is located north of the ballfields and west of Hibbard Road at Pine Street. The complex houses the Maintenance Building (offices, restrooms, garage bays, storage rooms), the South Outbuilding (fertilizer storage, tractor storage, oil storage), the North Outbuilding (mower storage), gas pumps, Storage Bins (covered material storage), Greenhouse, other outdoor storage areas (for items such plant materials, building materials, and site furniture), and parking. An asphalt service drive north of the Service Center is an extension of Pine Street and leads to the golf course. A Compost Building housing four bays for golf and recreation equipment storage can be reached via this road. This building lies just north of the driving range. The Compost Building yard also includes storage for drainage supplies, gravel mixes, and small storage sheds for items such as tables and chairs. Just west of the yard is the Pumphouse, a building that houses pumping equipment for the golf course and that is partially buried under an earth berm. A newer masonry Pumphouse (known as the Chapel) west of this building includes additional pumping equipment.

Total purchased price: $241,150.00 (between 1917 through 1930)

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