Hydration Is Mrs. Green’s and A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center Strategy This Summer

mrs-greens-acntcMrs. Green’s and the Winnetka Park District’s A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center has recently established a strategic partnership to help keep tennis participants hydrated this summer. Through this alliance, Mrs. Green’s will provide the A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center with 45 cases of water, juices and healthy sports drinks to keep the Tennis Center patrons in tip top shape through the hot summer months.

 The ladies summer tennis team was appreciative of Mrs. Green’s recent visit to their June 14 practice session. The visit was led by Store Manager, Missy Reigle who encouraged everyone to stop by and visit the store and utilize the many unique features. One such service offered is the on-site registered dietician, Courtney Mayszak.  Her service could cost as much as $100 per hour, but it offered as a free service at the Mrs. Green’s Winnetka location in Hubbard Woods.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of Mrs. Green’s”, said Tennis Center Manager, Pat Fragassi. “It gives us the opportunity to show our members, teams and lesson participants that we care about their well-being during these hot summer days”.

The A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center staff will utilize the product periodically throughout the summer, especially on hot-humid days. Mrs. Green’s will continue to partner with the A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center throughout 2016-17. Starting in September, Mrs. Green’s will be providing the healthy breakfast selections at the monthly membership appreciation events.  “We are excited to be partners with such a wonderful organization and program.” “We are committed to the health and wellness of Winnetka and the North Shore Community”, said Missy Reigle, Mrs. Green’s Winnetka Store Manager.

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About Mrs. Greens
Mrs. Green’s is a full service market, where shoppers will find everything they need in a convenient, easy-to-shop setting. As the quintessential neighborhood store with a wide array of locally-sourced, natural and organic produce, meat, fish, specialty cheese, prepared foods, a salad bar and a beverage bar including coffee, fresh-pressed juice, and smoothies, we have everything you need. The experience doesn’t stop at food; explore the selection of health related items including vitamins, supplements, and natural health & beauty options. Pat Brown, CEO stresses, “As always, the focus is food that the entire family can enjoy and feel good about eating.”


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