Tennis COVID-19 Guidelines

Facility Guidelines

  • Masks are required within the facility until you reach your assigned court.
  • Demo racquets will not be available; however, we will continue to make racquets available for purchase.
  • Water fountains are turned off. Please bring one or more full water bottles with you as staying hydrated during play is important to your well-being.
  • Locker room showers and towel service will not be available. If you bring your own towel, please keep it inside your bag when not in use. Do not drape it on the net or fence.
  • Common areas will be closed, including the lounge and vending areas.
  • Hands should be washed prior to entering the court (this applies to indoor and outdoor courts).
  • Players should arrive immediately before their court or lesson time and leave immediately when the session ends. Please do not congregate on the courts or near our facility.
  • Only four players on a court (this includes not only the court itself, but also the immediate area around a given court).
  • Players should avoid touching tennis balls by using their racquet or foot to move balls on the court.

Program Guidelines

  • Ratio of students to instructor will be no more than 4:1.
  • Only instructors should handle court equipment to minimize players handling equipment (balls, hoppers).
  • Adult class content will focus on strategy, live-ball drills, and game-based play.
  • Junior classes will emphasize work on motor skills (i.e. agility, balance, coordination, and speed) and live-ball drills to limit potential contact during classes.
  • Each child will receive a backpack and a tennis ball for their own use during classes. Please be sure to label your child’s backpack and balls so they can easily identify their items without touching them.

Participant/Parent Guidelines

  • Masks are required within the facility until you reach your assigned court.
  • Prepare to play outdoors by applying sunscreen prior to the lesson.
  • Please make sure your child:
    • Brings a mask with them in case they need to enter the facility (e.g. in inclement weather, class will move indoors)
    • Goes to the bathroom before class to limit traffic in and out of the facility.
    • Washes their hands before entering the court.
    • Brings at least one full water bottle (with name) to class.
    • Understands the importance of keeping their belongings in their backpack when not using them.
  • Please arrive at the tennis center at least 10 minutes before class ends to ensure the players can leave the courts promptly.

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