Board Committees & Liaisons


The Board of Commissioners utilize a Committee of the Whole format with the exception of a few committee which include; Audit, Project Oversight (as needed), Stormwater Land Use or other AD HOC committees as appointed by Board President. The committee of the whole or committees meet as needed to review and evaluate staff recommendations and supporting documentation. After Committee of the Whole or Committee review of an item, the item is brought to the full Park Board for final review and/or approval.

Audit Committee
John Thomas, Chair
Mickey Archambault, Member
Eric Lussen, Member

This committee considers recommendations on all issues relating to the Audit and approval of the Audit once completed. Committee involvement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review of all policy-related staff recommendations.
  • Review annual audit.
  • Review of miscellaneous audit issues impacting the overall District.

Project Oversight Committee
John Thomas, Member

This committee is charged with the consideration of recommendations on all issues relating to the construction/renovation of  Hubbard Woods Park. Committee involvement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review all project change orders for approval.
  • Keep aligned with the volume of change orders that are submitted for the project.

Stormwater Land Use Committee
Mickey Archambault, Member
John Peterson, Member
Warren James, Member

This committee considers recommendations on all issues relating to land use for stormwater management.  Committee involvement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Participate in meetings with the Village to discuss potential land use.
  • Provide direction related to any other proposed planning processes.
  • Participate in developing methods to solicit resident input into planning processes.


Winnetka Park District Board of Commissioners can serve as one of several community liaisons to represent the Park District in the community. These liaisons include:

  • Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association – Staff Liaison: John Muno, Executive Director
  • Winnetka Plan Commission – Board Liaison: John Thomas
  • Winnetka Caucus Council – Board Liaison: John Thomas
  • School District 36/New Trier High School – Board Liaison: Teresa Claybrook
  • Winnetka Parks Foundation – Board Liaison: John Peterson
  • Environmental /Forestry Commission – Board Liaison: None (staff reports will be provided as needed)

The responsibility of the liaison is to submit reports to the Board of community activity that is taking place within the Village and other organizations. The purpose of serving as a liaison is to link the park district to other important functions of the Village or organizations that support the park district, or that the park district has interest in. Responsibilities could include: attending meetings, reviewing meeting minutes, canvas of website information and actively reaching out as needed. A liaison is not authorized to take any action unless directed by the Board.