Small Boat Storage

Lloyd Boat Launch is closed for the season. Thank you for a wonderful summer and see you next year!

Winter Storage

Winter Storage will begin for all current rack holders on October 31, 2016. If you do not wish to partake in the Winter Storage, please remove your vessel(s) by October 30, 2016. The Park District will only be able to accommodate 25 vessels for Indoor Storage and Indoor Storage is reserved for only Winnetka Park District Residents. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Rutherford at (847) 716-1299.

Storage Racks


Currently all rack spaces are FILLED at Lloyd Beach. The Park District has started a waitlist for potential new rack holders. If you would like to be placed on the Rack Waitlist, please contact Kevin Rutherford at (847) 716-1299.


Boat Type Resident Non-Resident
Sunfish and Laser Sailboat $300 $450
Windsurfer/Paddle Board $300 $450
Canoes/Kayak $300 $450
Vanguard 15 Sailboat $340 $680
Additional Vessels

(that fit under current rack space)

$200 $300

Sail Lockers

Sail lockers are reserved for patrons who pay storage fees for a Sunfish, Laser, or similar boat that is stored on the racks north of the beach house. Lockers are not included for kayak or canoe racks. The sail lockers will be assigned to patrons as they renew their boat storage rack for the 2015 season. Patrons will be issued a specific locker number for their rigging. Any lockers that are occupied and are not on record at the Winnetka Park District main office will be emptied and the items confiscated.

Fenced-In Boat Storage

The Winnetka Park District maintains a small fenced-in storage area for boats on trailers. This area if FULL and a wait list has been formed. To be added to the wait list, please call Kevin Rutherford at (847)-716-1299

Winnetka Park District residents have priority on the wait-list over nonresidents. Any boat in this area must be 24′ feet or less from the tip of the trailer tongue to the back of the prop.